Avoiding Wrinkles on Your Neck

Care for your neck skin like you do to your face- cleanse, moisturize, exfoliate and use sunscreen.

Wrinkles on the neck are sometimes called turkey neck. Avoiding wrinkles on your neck is not that complicated. The delicate skin on the neck is as delicate as your facial skin so the best way of preventing skin wrinkles,just like facial wrinkles, is to boost its suppleness.


Neck skin should be given enough attention similar to how you care for your face. You can pamper your skin by cleansing your neck both in the morning and at night.


Cleaning can be followed by moisturizing using a moisturizer which is massaged into the neck skin to enable the fluid to penetrate skin and boost circulation in the area. An anti-aging cream used on your face can also be applied on your neck at night.


Exfoliating the neck once a week may also be an effective way of avoiding wrinkles on your neck. Exfoliation makes your neck free of accumulating dirt and dead skin cells. However, make sure to use exfoliating products that are gentle to the skin and nonabrasive to encourage cell turnover.


A broad spectrum sunscreen can also be applied to your neck every day and should be reapplied if you have to stay outdoors under the sun for an extended period of time.


Turkey neck can also be reliably prevented by performing certain exercises such as chin jutting out and lower forward movement exercises, looking at the ceiling for a certain amount of time, forming an “O” with your mouth exercise, vowel pronouncing exercises, pressing the tongue top against the palate, and an exercise by which you put your lower lip over the top lip for a certain amount of time.

The best way to avoid wrinkles on your neck could be summed up as follows:

  • Keep the skin moisturized. Use moisturizing cremes or facial cremes or lotions. Drink plenty of liquids to stay hydrated will also. Quit smoking which can dehydrate your skin.
  • Use sunscreen not only as a moisturizer but to protect the skin from harmful effects of the sun.
  • Take advantage of proper diet, combined with exercise to keep your percentage of body fat low.
  • Use Retin-A cremes to eliminate wrinkles as they form.
  • Take supplements such as fish oil that have been proven to be very helpful.
  • Change sleeping position that can wrinkle the skin and use appropriate pillow when sleeping.
  • Do some neck exercises.

Visit a dermatologist if you think that may help. The dermatologist may have some tips or advice applicable to your particular situation, or may prescribe a skin care agent that either prevents, minimizes, or eliminates wrinkles. Save a face or neck lift as the last option.

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