How to Reduce Lip Wrinkles

Aging women may develop lip wrinkles that make them look older and tired. Learn how to reduce lip wrinkles.

Aging women may develop lip wrinkles that make them look older and tired. Learn how to reduce lip wrinkles. Lip wrinkles or dried lips can be minimized in many ways.

One way of making lip wrinkles or dried lips unrecognized is applying a rich, emollient balm as a lip cover to get rid of the dry flaky lip appearance. Lip lines can also be caused by too much whistling and use of straws when drinking.

These habits must be reduced to prevent formation of lip lines. Avoid smoking as well since smoking can not only produce dried lips but also harm our health including the skin.

Skin care products that contain CoQ10 and retinoids or vitamin A help the skin to generate a greater amount of hyaluronic and collagen to make skin appear full and firmer, eventually eliminating dry skin appearance of the lips or reducing lines around the lips.

A glycolic peel is also one effective way of reducing lip lines. Glycolic peel is a milder version of a chemical peel but is an effective way of eliminating lip wrinkles by removing damaged and dead skin on the upper layer. However, it is best to see your dermatologist first before subjecting yourself to this procedure.

Lip lines can also be reliably reduced by dermabrasion or dermaplaning. This procedure transforms the look of deep acne scars by smoothening facial lines and lines even in specific spots.

Microdermasion is a not too invasive way of removing superficial or light wrinkles.

Botox is a great wrinkler relaxer but is considered costly but affordable to celebrities. Wrinkles around the lip area are smoothened by Botox since this kind of treatment can paralyze the muscle beneath the skin. Side effects caused by Botox should be discussed with your doctor.

Injectible fillers are also one way of reducing the lines around your lips. Fillers are made to occupy facial features and also boost collagen production without paralyzing the facial muscles that cause wrinkles unlike Botox.

Lip wrinkles can be concealed by makeup which is an alternative that should be considered when an individual does not want to experience side effects of medical remedies or spent too much for lip wrinkles.

Make-up can be lined up in the lip portion outside of the bow of the top lips as well as in the middle of the bottom lips. A lipstick can be used to fake plumper lips. A highlight is also one way of concealing the appearance of lip wrinkles. The highlight may be a concealer which should be of the same shade of your foundation around your lips.

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